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Businessman addressed 348 appeals to the Akmola region Chamber of Entrepreneurs for business protection in 2018. 145 out of these  appeals, over 40 per cent, were positively resolved. The total sum of protected property rights of entrepreneurs amounted to 3.4 billion tenge, the press service of the Akmola region Chamber of Entrepreneurs reports.

According to the press service, one fifth of all received appeals (21 per cent) affect the sphere of land relations: difficulty in receiving a land plot, seizure of the land plots due to the fact that they were provided without bidding. In addition, the local authorities refused to allocate an additional land plot and there were difficulties in extending land use rights, changing the purpose of land, cancellation of tenders held and others.

“One of the most pressing problems of the past year was the relationship of business with tax authorities. 17 per cent of all appeals related to taxation. Among them there are additional accrual of taxes in connection with the recognition of transactions with counterparties as invalid, arrests of bank accounts of entrepreneurs, tax audits, collection of licensing fees for the sale of alcoholic beverages, issues of VAT on import and so on,” the press service informs.

Another 7 per cent of all appeals related to the problem in public procurement. In addition, the issue of the long-term debt of customers to suppliers is a common problem. Five per cent of appeals are problems of freight transportation, another five per cent are problems related to the livestock sector, three per cent are disputes between business entities, three per cent related to ecology, etc.

“Meanwhile, the appeals of businessmen coincide with the systemic problems of the Akmola business, identified by the Chamber of Entrepreneurs: three out of nine problems occur in the sphere of land relations; two - on taxation; and the other problems related to the construction, enforcement proceedings, ecology and competition protection. Also there are complex issues of granting by local executive bodies of lease rights to land plots for a short periods -  a year, ambiguities in granting plots for investment projects (without bidding), as well as land seizures in connection with granting primary land use rights without bidding,” the press service added.

“In addition, an administrative barrier for design organizations is included in the regional Register of business problems. The issues of long-term debt of customers to suppliers under contracts on public procurement, the lack of landfills in the area, which entails inevitable violations of the law on environmental protection and the prosecution of agents of business,” the deputy director of the Akmola region Chamber of Entrepreneurs Shygys Temіr said.

It should be noted that the activity of the Council for the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights and  anti-corruption of Akmola region was effective. 11 officials were brought to administrative or disciplinary responsibility for violation of the entrepreneurs’ rights.

In 2018, 10 council meetings were held, following which 15 recommendations were made to state bodies, 11 of which were supported.

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