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Entrepreneurs of Akmola region collected 2 million KZT to help victims of flooding

24 April 2017 - Akmola Region
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Entrepreneurs of Akmola region collected more than 2 million KZT to assist flood victims with the support of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Akmola region. RCE continues to raise funds to help flood victims. With the support of RCE, the Council of Businesswomen organized a reception center for collection of things, food and other necessary supplies on the basis of the charity store "Thank You". Last weekend members of the Council of Businesswomen of the city of Kokshetau and Akkol district, as well as the Public Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, went to Sandyktau and Atbasar districts, which were most affected by "big water"

​A collection center was organized in the town of Atbasar on the basis of the local Support Center for Entrepreneurs to assist victims. Organizers of the campaign brought foodstuffs (sugar, tea, flour, bakery, pasta, cereals, vegetable oil, etc.), warm clothes, shoes, overalls, sanitary and hygienic means, bedding for a total of about 1 million KZT. The campaign in support of the flood victims was initiated by the Zharkain branch of RCE.

"The District Council of Entrepreneurs, the Council of Businesswomen, showing their civil position, immediately responded to the call to support our fellow countrymen by raising funds. Currently, 100 thousand tenge have already been collected, which are transferred to settlement accounts", - says Abay Suraganov, director of the Zharkain branch of RCE. Agricultural producers of the neighboring North-Kazakhstan region also came to the rescue. In particular, the farm "Zholdasbai-agro" of the Ualikhanov district sent 300 thousand tenge. In addition, 15 employees of the branch of RCE, the District Council of Businesswomen, more than 60 shops of the town of  Atbasar sent food, clothes and bedding items to the victims. Those who want to help those who suffered as a result of the flood can contact by phone: 8 (7162) 31-51-95, 52-07-34, at: Kokshetau, 227 Kaptsevich street.

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