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KASE offers support to new issuers

20 June 2017 - Akmola Region
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Representatives of JSC "Kazakhstani Stock Exchange" were told about additional financing instruments for entrepreneurs of Akmola region. In April 2016, in order to create favorable conditions and stimulate the exit of domestic companies to the stock market, Atameken and Kazakhstani Stock Exchange signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation. For the majority of Akmola entrepreneurs, information on how to attract additional funds to your business is relevant and useful. According to the advisor to the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazakhstani Stock Exchange" Aslan Kaligazin, IPO - the public offering of shares on the stock exchange - provides the business with the opportunity to attract both equity and debt capital, thereby diversifying the sources of financing. And this, in turn, will allow them to develop steadily. "Equity capital is not required to be returned, as the issue of shares is not a debt source of financing. Reducing the debt burden and the absence of costs for servicing loans will allow us to accumulate more money needed to expand further the business", - the speaker said. Also an important advantage is the possibility of raising money without mortgaging property. The acquisition of a market valuation of the company will help to increase its rating and can open access to cheaper financial resources. In addition, with the placement of shares on the stock exchange, the company becomes public, which gives it advantages in establishing commercial relations with potential counterparties. At each stage, KASE offers comprehensive support to new issuers. The Regional Chamber also intends to contribute to this. "On our part, we will be active in providing information support. We will try to inform a wide circle of entrepreneurs for whom IPO is an opportunity to enter new business sites, information about available tools", - Marat Altynbekov, the head of the department of non-financial support for entrepreneurship said.

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