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Kaizen is a system of continuous improvement of quality, technology, processes, corporate culture

06 May 2017 - Akmola Region
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A training seminar "Kaizen - production without losses" was held in Kokshetau with the support of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Akmola region, the financing and development group of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,.

In the modern sense, kaizen is a system of continuous improvement of quality, technology, processes, corporate culture, labor productivity, reliability, leadership and other aspects of the company. It was decided to introduce Akmola entrepreneurs to the basic provisions of the system. Experts of consulting companies worked with invited participants of the seminar. One of them, Serik Zholdaspayev, director of LLP Karaganda Institute of Quality. He also talked about approaches to improving the work of the organization. In short, the kaizen system is reduced for the rationalization of the company's activities through the improvement of the quality of personnel, because the quality of employees affects the products and services.

In addition to information, entrepreneurs can count on more specific assistance. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is ready to provide grants to business for consulting projects.

Anastasia Malinovskaya, an analyst at the bank, notes that anyone who meets certain criteria can count on getting a grant.

"The grant is allocated for consulting projects. That is, projects that will help the company to grow and to develop. These are marketing, strategic planning, quality management, drafting of design estimates. That is, an entrepreneur will be able to use any intellectual service that will help improve business processes within the enterprise. For this we allocate a grant. The grant is granted up to 10 thousand euros. The grant is not won, in principle, every enterprise that meets the criteria can receive a grant. The main criteria are the segment of small and medium business. The number of employees should not exceed 250 people, the sphere of activity - priority sectors of the economy. The company must act for at least two years, that is, it must be an operating enterprise. We do not support startups. The owners of the company must be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Foreign participation is allowed, but not more than 49 percent of the founders. If the company meets the criteria, then we will help to identify business problems, we will select a consulting company. Well, in the end, we will allocate a grant and cover up to 75 percent of the costs that will paid to the consulting company", - says Anastasia Malinovskaya.

In Kokshetau a number of enterprises have already used the services of consulting companies in the framework of a grant from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. One of the listeners of the seminar is the director of LLP "Gormolzavod" Asen Zhaksylykov. He knows firsthand about the kaizen system and intends to introduce it in his work in the near future.

"Our company "Gormolzavod" is already beginning to apply for a grant. There were already meetings on this matter. We talked about our program, about the goals and we are ready to work on the new program. Today we were told about kaizen and other systems. I can point out that I already know them. I used to go through the program "Business Communications" and there I studied this topic and then applied it in production, I got good results. We do not work for the warehouse, we work for the client. This is a very good system, a regular partner has appeared, extra money has been freed up. It's much more disciplining people, it's working with a client, it saves resources. I think this will be effective for every business", - notes Asen Zhaksylykov.

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