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24 March 2017 - Akmola Region
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An unusual campaign for the residents of Atbasar town was organized by the local branch of the Regional Chamber in support of an entrepreneur. In honor of the Nauryz holiday, the "Real" taxi depot provided free services to the citizens for a whole day. By the way, 22nd March is celebrated as the "International Taxi Day". From early morning on this day at the central square of Atbasar the best cars of the taxi fleet were located. The drivers were dressed in beautiful national jackets, Kazakh songs were on. "In the recalculation on money, in general, free taxi services were provided to about 80 customers for more than 35 000 tenge. "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to employees of the Atbasar branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs via Thanks to this campaign and information support, we promoted our company, we have raised our image", - says the taxi park director Alexander Skukauskas. According to the director of the branch of RCE Rosa Tasmagambetova, being enthusiastic, the entrepreneur now intends to expand the business, to get a loan through the state program and to realize his long-standing dream of building a whole complex, taxi station with service station, car wash and recreation center.


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