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13 March 2017 - Akmola Region
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Questions and claims of entrepreneurs to minimize inspections
How to enable business to work and to develop, to avoid losing significant resources and time during inspections, to minimize state interference in business activities? These and other topical issues were discussed by the participants of the round table, which took place on the platform of the Regional Chamber - representatives of state bodies in the field of transport and the business environment.

Entrepreneurs have a lot questions. Especially, about the inspections. "Sometimes, instead of working, we are forced to meet the inspectors, give explanations, at the first call to prepare the necessary documents. And this paralyzes the activities of the enterprise", - said businessmen indignation.
"Administrative pressure is one of the systemic problems of business. Conscientious business that pays taxes and salaries gets under scrutiny in most cases. Duplication of the control and supervision functions of state bodies contributes to his, as a result of which businessmen are practically defenseless", - said Valentina Gerashchenko, deputy director of RCE.

 During the debate, the representative of LLP "Bika" Marat Sadvakasov introduced the initiative to revise the standard for the issuance of public services in the sphere of heavy cargo transportation - to change the procedure and terms for issuing a special permit, the parameters of the car when transporting goods, and to reduce fines.

Businessman Vladimir Svidersky proposed to increase the maximum permissible load on the axle when transporting goods. Today it is about ten tons. According to Svidersky, this figure "cost a big penny" for the cargo carriers, besides this is an additional reason for the controlling bodies to issues bills.

Rasul Syzdykov, the head of the department for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and the reduction of the administrative barriers, believes that it is necessary to exclude clause 110 of the article 138 of the Business Code, which regulates legal relations in the sphere of state statistics. "In case of untimely provision of statistical data, statistical authorities impose penalties incommensurate with the severity of violations. I must remind you that they act as an authorized body for collecting information, and not control and supervisory. Their main task is to collect primary statistical data. In such cases, administrative responsibility is sufficient", - he stressed

"Taking into account the opinions of all interested parties, we must achieve the effectiveness of the whole system of control and supervision, we can say, change the ideology of its work. First of all, to determine the areas of business activity, where it is possible to exclude or to minimize state intervention. To regulate inspections that are not covered by the general procedure for their conduct, to identify compliance of the nature of violations and the degree of responsibility, to avoid duplication of control functions of state bodies", - summed up Kokshetau transport prosecutor Rasul Kozhakhmetov.

Following the meeting, entrepreneurs were invited to send their proposals to the Kokshetau transport prosecutor's office for more detailed study.

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